Marketing That Woos Clients Like Cupid

It’s Valentine’s Day, the annual holiday to express love and affection for your heart’s desire.

Just like Cupid’s arrow ignites feelings of love within whoever it lands, your marketing should aim to do the same.

If it reaches the wrong person…well, things can get awkward and most likely, it will be rejected.

Take some cues from Cupid to ensure your marketing sparks love at first sight.

3 Ways to Woo Clients Like Cupid: 

1. Aim for the heart 
Cupid’s arrow is precisely aimed for the heart because it is the emotional symbol of the body. Your marketing will be more effective if it speaks to the heart of your buyer…their wants, needs and pain points.

2. Know their love language 
Every suitor knows in advance what will get the attention of their object of desire. Does your ideal client prefer a free trial, discount, added value or something else?

3. Fan the flames
Once you’ve melted their heart, you’ve got to keep them coming back for more. Outperform would-be rivals by giving clients your attention, time and extraordinary results.

A match made in heaven rarely happens on its own. To become a client’s one and only requires planning, preparation and producing what you promised.