Where Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

During the past 15 years as a marketing agency owner, I’ve met many entrepreneurs who have hustled their way to 7-figures in annual revenue…and aren’t making any money.

That sounds crazy, right?

Well, the truth is they’re spending as much as they’re bringing in on staff… equipment…materials…marketing.

As a result, they’re STUCK.

Something else I’ve noticed is that they believe in order to grow their business, they must do MORE…launch new products or programs, expand their service offerings, open new locations, invest in a new target market.

All of which require MORE staff, equipment, materials and marketing.

My question to them is: What is the point of increasing revenue if your expenses increase, too?

At this point, I usually have their attention and it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce my Profit Finder framework, which focuses on creating scalable growth that is sustainable with resources already in place – hence the greater ROI (aka profit).

Using my Profit Finder method, I’m able to: 

  1. uncover where they’re leaving money on the table in existing sales process.
  2. identify best opportunities for sustainable growth.
  3. implement revenue marketing strategies that generate results quickly.
  4. eliminate marketing activities that are not producing ROI.
  5. show them how to earn and keep more money without creating new products, programs or services.

Watch my Profit Finder framework in action during my 20-minute, on-demand Profit Finder Workshop.