What keeps small biz owners awake?

It’s the beginning of Q4 2022 and I’ve already received my first email about 2023 marketing trends. 

Normally, I wouldn’t write about this just yet, but it came packaged as survey results from 400 small business owners across the U.S.

I was intrigued and downloaded the report.

In “State of the Entrepreneur 2022” from Leadpages is an in-depth analysis of marketing challenges currently facing small business owners.

Instead of simply revealing the results, I thought it would be more fun to give you a pop quiz to see how you compare: 

    1. What is the #1 marketing challenge faced by new businesses?
      A. Lack of budget
      B. Lead generation
      C. Brand awareness

    2. What is the #1 marketing challenge faced by established businesses?
      A. Scaling
      B. Converting leads to customers
      C. Lack of budget

    3. What is your #1 source of website traffic?
      A. Paid social
      B. Email marketing
      C. Organic search

    4. What is the primary way you generate leads?
      A. Lead magnet
      B. Webinar
      C. Referral

    5. Which digital marketing tool are you investing the most in?
      A. SEO
      B. Ads
      C. Social

Here are the correct answers: 1 – B; 2 – B; 3 – C; 4 – A; 5 – C

How did you do? What surprised you the most?

If you would like me to send you the “State of the Entrepreneur 2022” report, click here.

Coming next week: Q4 marketing checklist – action items to impact your bottom line this year!