What is Your One-Word Why?

I recently attended a meet-and-greet reception with jewelry designer Kendra Scott, as part of the tour for her new book, Born to Shine.

I was in awe of the self-made billionaire who glowed in a yellow dress that matched her personality.

After listening to her candid Q&A interview, I saw her as more than a successful jewelry designer…I also saw her as a struggling entrepreneur, single mom, and woman who has experienced personal tragedies and refused to give up.

Come to find out, creating jewelry is her passion, but it is not her purpose.

Her purpose can be summed up in two words from her stepdad before he passed away from cancer: Do good.

She took these words of encouragement and made it part of her business from the beginning. To date, Kendra Scott corporate giving programs have donated more than $50 million to charitable organizations and causes.

Even more eye-opening to me is her “why,” which she explains in her book as one word: Joy.

“It wasn’t how our products made people look, but how it made them feel.” (pg 110)

I reread this paragraph three times.

In this context, the why is what moves people to action…which is also the whole point of marketing.

As a marketing strategist and coach, my why is impact.

Defined as the power to bring about a result on another, this is why every business owner or marketing director hires me.

Whether it’s a one-on-one strategy session, team workshop or ongoing services, my impact is results that move their business forward and achieve their goals:

  • Revenue
  • Time
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Growth
  • Success

What is your one-word why? How does it move people to action?