What is on your NOT to-do list in 2022?

Does anyone else already feel wiped out by 2022?

I don’t know if it’s an allergy-induced fog, post-holiday blues, or to-do list overload, but my ‘new year mojo’ has evaporated.

And, I’m trying to embrace it.

Instead of racing 90-to-nothing into 2022, I’m spending some time thinking about what I want to do…and what I don’t want to do. 

This process, for me, consisted of making a list on a sheet of paper with three columns:

    1. My business
    2. My online course
    3. My life

In each column, I wrote down projects, goals, ideas…along with what I termed my ‘NOT to-dos.’

Overcommitting, reinventing the wheel, letting email run my day

These are a few things on my NOT to-do list because I’ve learned that saying no is just as important as saying yes.

After stepping back and looking at this sheet of paper on my bulletin board, I realized it can be summed up in one word: INTENTION.

I want to be intentional about my work, my time, my life…and not just take it as it comes.

This concept should also be applied to marketing your business:

    1. Who do you want to work with?
    2. What can generate the most revenue?
    3. How can you sell more to your existing customers?
    4. What marketing activities should you keep doing?
    5. What marketing activities should you NOT be doing?

It’s time to shake it off and shake things up.