Transform Your Marketing with John Maxwell’s Power of Five

I jumped at the opportunity to hear John Maxwell speak at a live event recently.

As a world-renowned leadership expert, transformation coach, New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker, I figured I would get a nugget or two of useful information from his presentation.

I was wrong.

I came away with 20 nuggets to improve myself as a business leader and provide value to my clients.

However, I want to share what he called the Power of Five – Everyday Essentials. This is one of his trademark concepts and basis for several of his books. He used the analogy of cutting down a tree, but of course, I’m going to apply it to your marketing.

Use the Power of Five to transform your marketing:

  1. GOAL: You must have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish.
    • If you want a tree removed from your yard, your goal should not be to paint the house.
    • For marketing, your daily/weekly/monthly/annual goals should be something that will move your business forward.
  2. TOOLS: Select the right ones to accomplish your goal.
    • You need an axe, not a bat, to cut down the tree.
    • For marketing, this is probably not as obvious and you need to consider your target customer, timeline and budget.
  3. ACTION: Intentional work or planned process is necessary. 
    • Standing in your yard and staring at the tree will not get the job done.
    • For marketing, hoping for new customers will not make them appear; you must be proactive.
  4. FOCUS: Stay the course and don’t get distracted.
    • If you take a few whacks with the axe and then stop to do something else, the tree will not fall.
    • For marketing, prioritize tasks that support your goal and outsource or decline others. This one is tough!
  5. CONSISTENCY: Repetition is the key to long-term results.
    • Continuously hitting the tree with the axe will eventually accomplish the goal.
    • For marketing, results are not typically instant or immediate, but build with time.

John Maxwell teaches the Power of Five