Stop Throwing Spaghetti on the Wall and Screwing Up Your Marketing

The press release is dead.

Email marketing doesn’t work.

Print advertising is a waste of money.

Social media is no longer effective.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of these statements…I would be lying on the beach instead of typing this email.

Disclaimer: I DON’T agree with any of the statements above.

The problem is I hear these statements frequently from clients and business owners.

When I ask a few questions to find out more, it’s typically a classic case of throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.

Here are a few examples I’ve encountered:

“I sent out a press release and it wasn’t published.” 
“I ran an ad in a magazine and didn’t get any results.”
“I posted an offer on my Facebook business page and no one responded.”

There are specific reasons the marketing tactics didn’t work in each situation…and factors that should be considered across the board to ensure results.

5 questions to ask before spending a dime on marketing:

1. Who are you selling to?

2. What do they want to know about your product or service?

3. How will your product or service help them?

4. Why should they buy from you?

5. What is the best way to reach them?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It all comes down to being STRATEGIC first and then TACTICAL.

SO, what is the best way to stop throwing spaghetti on the wall and start getting results?

Develop a marketing plan.

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