Relying On Referrals Is Not A Marketing Strategy

Would you believe that 9/10 of every business trailblazer I work with cites referrals and word-of-mouth marketing as their main means of customer acquisition? It’s undeniably gratifying when your business gets this nod of approval, but let’s face it—this approach is reactive, not proactive.

And, more significantly, it is not scaleable.

Instead of waiting by the phone for that next call or constantly checking your email in hopes of an inquiry, what if you took your business by the horns? Yes, it’s not only possible, but preferred to have a reliable process of generating consistent leads, which is key for skyrocketing into that 7-figure revenue stratosphere and beyond!

To help you stop relying on referrals and generate leads on-demand, I’ve created the Growth Marketing Consultant Program that delivers results quickly.

Here’s a sneak peek into what the program offers:

Your role is to dream big, and I do the rest. No, but seriously! All it takes is one strategy session with me where we identify your business growth and revenue goals for me to show you how it’s done over the next 90 days. After I evaluate your existing marketing assets and identify growth opportunities, you’ll receive a customized Key Performance Indicator Scorecard and Customer Journey Map.

Just as a skilled pilot relies on their instruments for a smooth flight, businesses need KPI scorecards to monitor, evaluate, and adjust their course. Similarly, the customized Customer Journey Map illuminates every touchpoint and decision a customer makes along their path. By intricately mapping this journey, businesses gain a profound understanding of their customers, allowing for tailored strategies that enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

Once you’ve begun to implement your customized 90-day action plan, I’ll provide advice, ideas and accountability with weekly check-ins, a monthly meeting, and 90-minute strategic planning session once a quarter where we determine the next opportunity to scale up!

If it sounds like a relief to not leave your business up to the chance of referrals, that’s because it will be! With my Growth Marketing Consulting Program, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

If you’re ready to stop on relying on referrals to generate new business, let’s talk: