Three Ingredients in the Secret Sauce to Marketing

How many touch points does it take to make a sale these days?

This is not a trick question.

More of a pop quiz…what’s your guess?

  • 6
  • 15
  • 21

The correct answer is 21, according to a recent article by SharpSpring.


When I was in school, I recall being taught it took eight touch points before someone was ready to purchase.

Why the big jump?

Because of the plethora of marketing channels available today, which has made the buyer journey longer and more complicated.

I started writing down the various touch points I implement for my agency and clients, in no particular order…it didn’t take long to get to 21…and I could have kept going.

What would you add to my list?

21 Marketing Touch Points:
1. Website
2. Blog
3. Podcast
4. Video
5. Email
6. Phone
7. SMS
8. Search
9. Google ads
10. Social media
11. Social media ads
12. PR
13. Influencers
14. DM
15. Virtual events
16. In person events
17. Print advertising
18. Radio advertising
19. TV advertising
20. Billboards
21. Direct mail

Am I advocating you use 21 channels in your marketing strategy?


What I am telling you is this:

  • select the best channels to reach your target buyer
  • implement a consistent message that gets attention and provides value
  • find creative ways to repeat the message

This ensures you’re top of mind and positioned as the best choice.

That, my friends, is the secret sauce to marketing.