What is the Secret Sauce for an Effective Marketing Program?

HOLY COW, it’s already September!

HOLY COW, the year is almost over!

HOLY COW, how am I going to accomplish my business goals?

These are all phrases I’ve heard recently…well, okay, I added the “HOLY COW” part, but the rest is true.

I’ve been reaching out to my clients with a friendly reminder that Q4 is around the corner…and asking if they’re on track to finish the year strong.

And, by that, I mean goals achieved and projects completed.

In most cases, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

The reasons are probably ones we can all relate to…it’s been another rough year due to the pandemic… labor and supply shortages…unexpected challenges that forced them to take their eye off the ball.

I’m here to tell you the same thing I told them: IT’S NOT TOO LATE.

I’ve witnessed business owners cover more ground in 90 days than they have all year when they are equipped with two things:

1. A plan of action.

2. A hard deadline.

To help them, and you, make the most of the last quarter, I’m offering my 90 Day Kick Butt Marketing Plan.

This turnkey process is a simplified version of my online course, Create a Kick Butt Marketing Plan, and specifically designed for quick action and short-term results.

With my 90 Day Kick Butt Marketing Plan, you will be laser-focused on WHAT you’re going to do and HOW you’re going to do it.


That, my friends, is the secret sauce to an effective marketing program.

If you’re ready to kick marketing butt in Q4, sign up now!  

NOTE: There are limited spots available and you must sign up by September 24 so you are ready to rock & roll October 1!

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