What Quick Win Do You Offer?

I’ve been hearing and seeing this phrase a lot lately: quick wins.

It has appeared in different contexts, but has the same core meaning: A solution or action that can be easily implemented to get a quick result.

Quick wins usually take place at the beginning of a process and fall into one of these categories:

  • momentum
  • leads
  • cash flow

The purpose of a quick win is to demonstrate your value and keep them coming back for more.

I want to point out that quick wins are not random or lucky…they are strategic and intentional.

And, a quick win positions you as the expert who can help them achieve the bigger goal.


  1. A new B-to-C service business with a small marketing budget wanted to get the word out to the local area. I setup a Google Business Profile and ad campaign targeting homeowners within a 20 mile radius. Within 30 days, website traffic increased 30%.
  2. An established restaurant was struggling to get people onto its email list. I changed the website copy from “Join Our List” to “Become a VIP” and setup a retargeting campaign in Meta Ads Manager. Within 60 days, 250 people had joined.
  3. A professional service business needed 3 more clients per month. I helped them create an on-demand webinar with offer for complimentary consultation. Within 90 days, they were consistently signing up 3 new clients each month.

The trick to creating a successful quick win is identifying the problem and solution.

What quick wins do you offer your customers or clients?