I Pity the Fool Who Doesn’t Try This Marketing Trend

Sometimes, a great marketing opportunity falls in your lap.

For example, having Mr. T promote a marketing workshop I taught recently.

I mean, how cool is that?!?

If you don’t know who Mr. T is…then we can’t be friends. JK!

I met him (a.k.a Sterling Hunter) unexpectedly at a networking event…and within a few minutes, we recorded an impromptu 10-second video, which was a hit on my social media channels.

I say all of this to point out that random opportunities are rare and 99% percent of the time, effective marketing requires planning and preparation. 

Which leads to the next marketing trend I want to share with you: live streaming.

This trend takes video marketing – which should be a part of every business’ marketing plan – to the next level. 

However, live streaming differs from traditional video marketing in that it is…LIVE.

Meaning there is no opportunity to stop and do it again if you flub a line…or have spinach in your teeth…or someone runs by naked.

But, the benefit is that viewers/attendees can engage in real-time, including asking questions.

A misconception about live streaming is that you just hit the “live” button and let it rip.

In most cases and unless you’re very comfortable in front of the camera, this is a recipe for disaster.

So, just like traditional video marketing and other tactics, planning and preparation are essential for success.

6 ways to uses live streaming for your business: 
1. One-on-one interview
2. Q&A session
3. Panel discussion
4. Tutorial
5. Product demonstration
6. Virtual event

A great example of successful live streaming is from my friend and fellow business owner, Fanny Dunagan, who hosts a LinkedIn Live show twice a month, which is simultaneously streamed to Facebook and YouTube.

While she makes it look easy, there is work behind-the-scenes to ensure the show is accessible and viewers are engaged.

She invited me to be a guest on her show in April to talk about the importance of having a marketing plan. I learned an important lesson (the hard way) about live streaming…make sure you have a strong WIFI connection!

I share more Do’s and Don’ts for live streaming in this week’s episode of my short and sweet video series, Marketing Mojo.