Is Your Marketing Ready to Explode or Implode?

Happy Birthday, America!

Nothing symbolizes the Fourth of July more than a spectacular display of loud, colorful, explosive devices…otherwise known as fireworks.

This annual tradition takes place around the country in big cities and small towns, gathering crowds to OOH and AHH at something they’ve most likely seen many times.

Which, got me to thinking…this is also what the right marketing should do for your business:

  • Get attention.
  • Create excitement.
  • Be memorable.

But, not all fireworks have the same impact…some are louder, more colorful, last longer or have a bigger WOW factor.

The same can be said for marketing programs…some are lackluster and predictable, while others are colorful and explosive.

Which firework is most like your marketing program? 

1. FIRECRACKER: Low cost and easy to use, this entry-level firework makes a loud noise when it explodes, but the thrill is short-lived.

2. SPARKLER: Safe and low-risk, this firework is widely used by all ages, making it familiar and fun, but un-exciting.

3. ROMAN CANDLE: A multi-faceted firework, it shoots off balls of fire for a noisy and colorful display.

4. BOTTLE ROCKET: A high-powered firework that literally takes off like a rocket, soaring high into the sky and emitting a variety of effects.

Does your marketing plan cause sparks or has it fizzled out?

If you’re ready to light the fuse, let’s talk.