What happens when your marketing plan goes off the rails?

As a self-proclaimed Type A, I tend to freak out when things don’t go according to plan.

However, sometimes, things happen that are out of our control…and the test is how we handle it.


This was the case last week when I was forced to reschedule my virtual workshop – 2022 Marketing Trends – a few hours before going live.


I’m rarely sick and initially thought I could “power through it.”

But, with a big case of nauseousness, pounding head and little sleep, I realized I couldn’t pull it off.

I was forced to come up with a spur-of-the-moment plan b for those who had registered for the live workshop (along with a sincere apology).

And, you know what?

The world didn’t end…the sun rose the next day…I didn’t receive any judgemental messages about the live workshop being canceled.

My point in sharing this is five-fold:

    1. We put unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations on ourselves.
    2. Knowing when to change course is key to long-term success.
    3. Plan B can be a good thing.
    4. Timing is everything.
    5. It’s important to listen to the universe and your body.

In lieu of the live workshop, I listed the other ways I would be sharing the information, starting with a recorded version of the workshop.

Watch my virtual workshop: 2022 Marketing Trends
Click image to watch virtual workshop.

At some point, something will go wrong with your marketing…or won’t work like you thought…or seem like a waste of time and money.

How will you handle it?

What to do when things don’t go according to your marketing plan:

    • Gather data and feedback to make informed decisions.
    • Review all your options before moving forward. 
    • Determine if it’s a quick fix or you need to start from scratch.
    • Brainstorm new ideas to get better results.
    • Don’t give up without knowing what went wrong.