Does Your Marketing Have Momentum?

I heard a phrase recently that sparked my interest: Momentum generates momentum.

I got the general concept, but I dug a little deeper to find out how I could apply it to marketing.

I looked up the definition of momentum and found some mumbo jumbo about velocity, mass, vector quantity…what the heck does marketing have to do with physics??

I kept reading and found less scientific definitions:

  • Merriam-Webster: strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events
  • Cambridge Dictionary: the force that keeps an object moving or event making progress after it has started

NOW, it was making sense.

Like a boulder rolling downhill…or a political candidate gaining popularity…or an actor’s career suddenly taking off…it takes tremendous effort and determination to get it going, but once it does, there’s no stopping it!

The same can be said for successful marketing.

I’ve seen many business owners struggle because they’re not sure which marketing tools to use…or they’re overwhelmed with other tasks and can’t focus on marketing… or they have no idea where to start.

Your marketing will never take off if you don’t get it moving…you must make that first big push to eventually gain speed and strength (a.k.a results and revenue).

4 Ways to Generate Momentum in Your Marketing:

 1. Make a plan. 

Every successful marketing program starts with a plan that outlines who, what, why, when, where and how much. This can be done annually or quarterly. Getting it out of your head and onto paper makes it easier to implement.

2. Set deadlines.

If you’re like me and work best under pressure, then assign yourself and/or team members hard deadlines to keep the ball rolling. Offer incentives to keep everyone motivated and accountable.

3. Start small.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Break down a big goal or project into  monthly or quarterly action items that will create momentum as you check them off your list.

4. Be consistent.

You will never gain momentum if you start and then stop. The whole point is to create a series of actions that achieve bigger results faster.

Momentum for me in 2023 means launching my new consulting package for revenue growth and fractional CMO program. The first step is to update my website, which I’m working on now – launch date TBA!

What is your first step to generate marketing momentum in 2023?