Make Your Business Bloom With These 5 Gardening Tips

Today is the official beginning of spring and gardeners everywhere are rejoicing. Since I live in Texas (where we’ve seen temperatures in the 80s and one 90-degree day in February!), I’ve already begun the annual process to prepare for this year’s array of blooms and foliage.

As both an avid gardener and experienced marketing strategist, I can say with certainty that both require patience, diligence and a keen understanding of growth processes.

There are daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual tasks that must be done to have a thriving, vibrant garden…and, the same can be said for growing a business to 7-figures and beyond.

Five gardening lessons to grow your business:

1. Establish roots for firm foundation.

One of the first lessons I learned was the three most important elements for every plant are the right amount of LIGHT, SOIL AND FERTILIZER. Without these in place to establish roots, plants will struggle to survive…and cause frustration and extra work.

Likewise, the three most important elements needed for every entrepreneur to scale up are CLARITY, FOCUS AND ACTION. Without these in place, you will remain stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed.

2. Be willing to make a change.

In the beginning, I stuck to a few types of standard flowers and plants everyone was using. As I gained knowledge and confidence, I began experimenting with unique varietals and selecting items that I knew would work in my garden. Now, I layer my flower beds with a multitude of plants of different heights, colors and blooming season.

This is similar to relying on the same marketing strategies year-after-year. What worked in the early stages of your business will not propel you to the next level. A growth marketing plan with strategies for consistent and scalable revenue generation is how to make your business bloom.

3. Prune for faster results.

Gardening is an ongoing process; you don’t stop once flowers are planted. It often takes weeks or months to see signs of life. Another important lesson I learned is trimming plants and shrubs regularly helps shape them and encourages new growth faster.

In order to scale up a business, you must also eliminate what is keeping it stuck and soaking up your time and resources.

4. Plant seeds for future growth.

In both gardening and business, success begins with planting the right seeds. Just as a gardener carefully selects seeds based on soil conditions, climate, and desired outcomes, an entrepreneur must meticulously research their market, identify opportunities, and lay the groundwork for growth. Choosing the right seeds, or growth opportunities, sets the stage for your next milestone.

5. Harvest rewards.

Ultimately, both gardening and entrepreneurship culminate in the harvest—a tangible reward for hard work and dedication. Whether it’s a bountiful crop of fruits and vegetables or 20 percent more annual revenue, the harvest represents the fruition of one’s efforts.


My biggest accomplishment, as a gardener, is that I’ve transitioned my landscaping to 90 percent perennial plants, meaning they come back every year. So, instead of having to start from scratch, I can now sit back and enjoy them.

The same can be said for an entrepreneur who stops chasing every new idea and trend, and instead, focuses on the best growth opportunity, establishes recurring revenue, and automates the marketing process. This means you no longer have to be tied to your business 24/7.

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