Make Q4 Your Best With This 90 Day Strategy

Traditional marketing approaches can steal your time and money…and suck the wind right out of your entrepreneur sails. As a business leader, the last thing you need is an investment that doesn’t deliver. You need a source expert to create an achievable action plan that will scale your business and save you time, a “profit-finder,” if you will. (Oh hey, that’s me!)

That’s why I recently rebranded my agency to Profit Finder Marketing, which reflects the fast, measurable, and mind-blowing impact my honed-in approach has on my clients as their growth marketing consultant or fractional chief marketing officer (CMO). Because more clicks or followers don’t matter if they don’t become customers who grow your business, am I right?


What is a fractional CMO? I bring decades of hands-on expertise to provide temporary or part-time marketing leadership to business owners and CEOs searching for a strategy focused on generating profit and saving time.


That’s where my profit-finder process comes in: A proven 90-day strategy focused on meeting ONE objective and revenue goal. But don’t just take my word for it; check out one of my REAL results.


Using my hyper-focused “secret sauce,” I created a 90-day action plan that helped Mia “meet/exceed our ROI targets. The true benefit of Tracy’s services is the focus on just one aspect of the business at a time.” Her goal was to enroll 50 members for a new program, and she ended up enrolling 60, not including her wait list. BOOM. The results proved that the offer was valuable, the messaging was on point, and the marketing tactics reached the right audience.


How does my approach work?

1.Evaluate and Goal-Set

All it takes is one strategy session with me to define the single objective and revenue goal that would mean success for your business at the end of 90 days. I guide you in determining a successful goal by thoroughly analyzing your existing offers, data and marketing objectives. Through this session, I’ll gain an understanding of your target market, messaging, budget, and more. By getting specific, I eliminate distractions and lesser goals that come with the territory of so many other marketing approaches. Time is money, and I’m all about making you as much as possible!


2. Make the Map

Once we know what your “x marks the spot” revenue goal is, I create and implement your “treasure map” (90-day plan), providing guidance on best practices, assessing your Key Performance Indicators, analyzing your customer journey, and creating revenue marketing solutions. These metrics are the guiding light for my weekly activity spent putting your plan into action.


3. Execute and Celebrate

Each week and month, I provide detailed updates of activity and results so that you know nothing is going to waste. Hint: This is also where I re-adjust approaches if you’ve had new ideas or needs pop up. At the end of the 90 days, when results are achieved, if not surpassed, I help you create an even higher goal, and we do it all again.

Are you ready to put your marketing strategy in expert hands so that you can focus on what you do best?


Make Q4 your best one without wasting a second of your time or a penny from your pocket. I have limited available space in my Q4 Growth Marketing Consultant Program. Why not schedule a complimentary strategy call to discover how I can help?