Are You Showing Clients the Love or Laziness?

Okay, folks, I want to warn you that I’m on my soapbox today.

As the result of a phone conversation with a prospective client, which lasted approximately 30 minutes.

At the end of the call, she made a point to say she appreciated my time and that her current marketing consultant would not communicate with her via phone.


Or email.


Only through DM.


I was flabbergasted.

I couldn’t help myself and asked if they had a regular meeting or she received a monthly activity report…


Moral of this story: The business owner is mostly happy with the consultant’s work, but is shopping around because of lack of service.

I realize we live in an online world now, but it doesn’t mean you forsake customer service for convenience, efficiency or laziness.

How I show my clients the love:

  1. My rule of thumb is to communicate with clients how THEY prefer.
  2. My SOP is to respond to calls/emails/texts within 4 hours (unless urgent).
  3. I schedule a monthly or quarterly meeting to make sure their marketing plan is still on target.
  4. I prepare a detailed activity report every month to share performance metrics and progress towards goals.
  5. I send thank you notes, extend invitations to events, share new ideas, and deliver tokens of appreciation.

How are you showing the love to your clients? If you’re not, believe me, they are noticing.