The Long and Short of Video in 2022 (hint, hint)

I taught my 4th Annual Marketing Trends Workshop February 1.

There is one trend that has been on the list every year: VIDEO.


  • Because YouTube is the most used social media channel around the world.
  • Because video is the best type of content for making an emotional connection with your audience.
  • Because social media algorithms give video posts better organic reach than other types of posts.

As a result, video was the most popular type of content used in 2021…and I’m fully expecting it to be on my list of marketing trends next year.

But, there is more to this trend than just hitting record on your phone.

  • What format should you use: live or recorded?
  • What type is best for your purpose: short or long?
  • Which platform should you post videos: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn?
  • What is your call-to-action: purchase, enroll, sign up, join, donate?

The answers to these questions depend on your audience, content and comfort level.

Assuming (okay, hoping) you’ve already incorporated video into your marketing plan, there are two types you need to pay attention to in 2022: SHORT and LIVE.

Top Trend for 2022: Short Videos

  1. Short videos (30 seconds or less) are popular because attention spans have shrunk.
  2. TikTok, Facebook and Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are the most popular platforms for short videos.
  3. Short videos are recorded and then music, text, stickers can be added.
  4. Instagram is paying businesses to post reels!

Top Trend for 2022: Live Videos

  1. Live videos get 6X more interaction and watched 3X longer than recorded video.
  2. Live videos are ideal for educational/explainer purposes.
  3. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are most popular channels for live videos.
  4. Live streaming allows you to broadcast simultaneously across multiple channels.

To find out more stats and tips to produce short and live videos for your business, watch my 2022 Marketing Trends Workshop.

  1. Watch my virtual workshop: 2022 Marketing Trends