Is Your Marketing Making Up For Lost Time?

Based on all the vacation photos I’m seeing in my social media feeds, it seems as though we’re all attempting to make up for lost time…traveling to favorite destinations, visiting family, trying new experiences, and having some much deserved fun.

Which made me think about this concept from another perspective: events.

Specifically, real-live events.

During the past three months, I’ve crammed a lot of in-person networking, business and social events into my calendar…something I had intentionally tried NOT to do before the pandemic.

    • I taught my first marketing workshop in more than a year.
    • I was a participant on a panel of professional women at a luncheon.
    • I organized an onsite client event at a construction project.
    • I attended a retirement party and 50th birthday party for friends.
    • I was invited to teach an education session at the Sunbelt Builders Show, my first conference and trade show since 2019.

I must admit, it has been great to be out and about again!

I’ve met new people, tried new experiences and gotten new business.

What about you?

Are you making up for lost time with your marketing? 

If not, find out three ways to boost business during the summer in my recent blog and Marketing MOJO.

Or, if you need long-term impact to your marketing program, book a strategy session with me.

P.S. One thing I’ve learned is that some people are ready to attend in-person events and others prefer to join virtually. If you want to attract more attendees, a marketing trend you need to know about is called a hybrid event, which combines the live and virtual experiences. In this episode of Marketing MOJO, I share 3 tips to host a successful hybrid event.