Don’t Let Your Marketing Take a Summer Vacation

It’s June 21…happy first day of summer!

This is my favorite season as I love warm weather, being outside, and going to the beach.

Summer is also a state of mind…relaxed, fun and a little lazy.

As a small business owner, I know how important it is to slow down occasionally and take a break from our normally hectic schedules and long to-do lists.

BUT, that doesn’t mean your marketing should slow down, too.

In fact, the best kind of marketing keeps working while you’re sailing the seas or hiking in the mountains!

If you do not have a year-round marketing plan in place to keep sales coming in, here are four ideas to implement now.

4 Ways to Generate Business During the Dog Days of Summer 

1. Create a summer special to drive short-term sales.
This is a limited time offer and needs to be significant enough to move people to action. It can be a coupon, BOGO or special package. NOTE: It doesn’t have to be a price discount, but instead, add something extra.

2. Host a summer-themed event to bring people to YOU or your location.
Just because it seems like everyone is out of town, that is not actually the case…and you won’t be competing with a lot of other events during the summer, which may increase your attendance. This can be a one-time event – such as a workshop or happy hour reception – or it a recurring event or series.

3. Book a speaking gig to get in front of prospects.  
If you’ve got extra time in your schedule during the summer, this is an ideal opportunity to do some networking. Demonstrate your expertise by giving a presentation for an organization, trade association or chamber of commerce. And, depending on location, you may be able to tie-into a vacation.

4. Offer a new product or service at HOT introductory price.  
Launch a new product or service with a discounted price to get attention and faster sales. Be sure to include that pricing will increase after Labor Day. NOTE: This is a great way to get testimonials and referrals.

If your marketing needs more help to beat the dog days of summer, let’s talk.