Does Your Marketing Move the Needle?

A few weeks ago, I shared the #1 reason marketing plans fail is due to lack of action.


Another common problem I see – that also sets my hair on fire – is not measuring results…assuming, of course, the plan was implemented.

Why is this so important?

Because this is how you KNOW what worked and what didn’t!

There is no guesswork, relying on hunches or shrugging of the shoulders.

Which is why Tracking Results is the last step in my marketing plan process, so it is built-in from the beginning and tied directly to business goals.

During a private workshop this week with an in-house team, I taught them how to:

  1. Create an evaluation checklist.
  2. Setup measurement tools specific to their tactics.
  3. Determine what produced the best ROI and achieved business goals.

I also explained the importance of measuring results with metrics that matter: 

  • Call
  • Click
  • Sign Up
  • Attend
  • Purchase

These are actions that move the needle!

Tracking likes, followers, views, visits and open rates is fine and dandy, but there’s a reason these are referred to as “vanity metrics.”

Bottom line: Marketing that moves the needle also moves your business forward.