How do you handle “Can I pick your brain requests?”

“Can I pick your brain?” used to be the most-dreaded question someone asked me.

Because, what they really meant was, “I want free marketing advice.”

I can’t count the hours I’ve lost succumbing to these requests.

Although I certainly want to help people be successful with their marketing, I also need to pay my bills…and, I already give away a lot of free marketing advice via my blog, emails, videos, social media and webinars.

I realized I had to find a way to manage these requests and convert some of them into paying clients.

So, I came up with a “pick my brain” process depending on the situation: 

    1. Answer question on the spot in 5 minutes or less, or schedule a 15-minute call to discuss.
    2. Direct them to my blog or invite them to join my email list.
    3. Suggest they book a one-on-one Marketing Strategy Session with me to get answers and action plan specific to their business.
    4. Suggest they enroll in my online course to create their own marketing plan.
    5. Send them my monthly marketing packages for ongoing work.

By changing my mindset and approach, I now welcome the opportunities to explain all the ways I can help them market their business – both free and paid.

What about you? How do you handle “pick my brain” requests? 

    • What free resources or sample products do you have?
    • Are they available online?
    • Do you host free events?
    • Do you provide a complimentary consultation or trial offer?
    • Do you have a turnkey solution that delivers quick results?
    • Do you offer packages or bundles for long-term and repeat customers?

If you have other suggestions, I’d love to pick your brain. :O