Do You Make It Easy For Customers To Find You?

One of the first questions I ask a potential client is, “How many ways can a new customer find you?”


What do you mean?

I’m not sure.

My reason for asking this question is because in today’s hybrid world, businesses must use multiple methods to attract customers.

Because, guess what?

Customers are using multiple channels before deciding to buy.

For example:

  • Potential customer finds you via a Google search.
  • Potential customer goes to your website.
  • Potential customer looks at your social media accounts.
  • Potential customer checks your reviews.
  • Potential customer goes to your store.

However, if the potential customer encounters a problem along the way – such as a website that is not mobile-friendly, no recent posts or bad reviews – you have most likely lost the sale.

The fancy term for this trend is omnichannel marketing:
By integrating online and offline channels, you can deliver a consistent experience, strengthen your brand voice across channels, and reach your target audience wherever they are located, virtually or in person.

As this trend shows, you’ve got to use several channels to not only REACH your audience, but allow them to ENGAGE and BUY from you.

Now, it’s your turn:

  1. How many channels are you currently using?
  2. Do they have consistent branding, messaging and deliver the same experience?
  3. Do you make it easy for customers to buy from you?

To find out the top strategies for implementing omnichannel marketing, watch my 2022 Marketing Trends Workshop.