Are You Social Selling or Socializing?

Since we’re in the midst of the busiest buying season of the year, I thought this was an appropriate topic: Are you social selling or socializing?

For most business owners, making money is at, or near, the top of your to-do list.

So, when it comes to social media, sharing funny memes or posting cute photos of your dog will not get the job done.

I’m frequently astounded by how I see business owners (or their social media managers) utilizing their social media channels…or rather, NOT using them.

  • Generic content that gets no engagement. 
  • Vague call to action with no lead generation process in place.
  • Products for sale with no way to make a purchase in the app.
  • Random posts that have nothing to do with their business.
  • Static posts and no video content (which gets higher reach).
  • Sharing other posts because they’re too lazy to create original content.
  • Not responding to comments, questions and messages.
  • Lack of consistent messaging about what they offer and who they help.
  • Relying on organic reach and not investing in paid campaigns.

I could go on, but my point is this: If you are using social media channels to market your product or service, then you must SELL.

Don’t be afraid people will unfollow your page…they weren’t going to buy from you anyway.

Don’t be unwilling to have a consistent message…different people will see your posts.

Don’t underestimate your audience…if they’re following you, then they’re interested in your product or service.

3 Ways Social Selling Can Increase Reach and Revenue:

1.   Create a special offer for social media followers: This can be an introductory trial, 30-minute consulting call or free bonus. The purpose is to offer value and make your followers feel special.

2.   Host a live streaming event with exclusive content: Invite a guest speaker, launch a new product, or share how-to tips. Live streaming events can be done in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other channels.

3.   Setup a lead generation campaign: Build your email list, drive website traffic or promote a sales page with a paid campaign targeting your ideal customer. Depending on the channel, this can be setup for a minimum of $5/day.

How can you change your social media strategy in 2023 to increase reach and revenue?