Is Your Cart Before the Horse?

I’m getting straight to the point today: Stop putting the cart before the horse.


Because it’s sabotaging your marketing!

The official Merriam-Webster definition of the phrase nails it: to do things in the wrong order.

In the marketing world, this translates to putting tactics (cart) before strategy (horse).

Run a print ad here…do a social media post there…throw in a video and call it a day.

These random acts of marketing result in the loss of your time, money and sanity.

Source: Lessons From The Goal Post

This is why tactics is step #4 in my marketing plan process:

  • After you’ve identified your business goals.
  • After you’ve defined your brand.
  • After you’ve discovered why customers choose you.
  • After you’ve created an offer to solve your customers’ problem.
  • After you’ve determined your budget.

Then – and only then – does the tactical marketing stuff happen.

Because without doing steps 1, 2 and 3 first, you won’t have the necessary information to know which tactics to use and more importantly, to NOT use. 

Sooooo, if you’re wondering how to stop putting the cart before the horse, download my FREE MARKETING PLAN CHECKLIST.

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