I'm Tracy Southers-Parker, Growth Marketer

I specialize in helping 7-figure entrepreneurs scale up without adding more to their plate. 

It’s time to go from BURN OUT to BLAZING A TRAIL

Ive realized during the past 30 years Im the exception to the norm in that Ive always worked in my field of study, which was journalism/PRI simply cant imagine doing anything else. This path has taken me to national and international companies, numerous industries, city government, agency ownership, and now, as a growth strategist and fractional chief marketing officer for successful entrepreneurs and CEOs.

As my career has progressed, so has my ability to identify the best growth opportunities, solve bigger problems, and achieve faster results. Which is why I now work exclusively with clients who are willing to embrace new ideas, take action, and invest in scaling up their business.

It sounds cliché to state that people hire me for my in-depth marketing experience and expertisebut, these are truly my most valuable assets. One of my favorite sayings sums it up perfectly: If you think hiring an expert is expensive, try hiring an amateur. 

My mission is to work with trailblazing entrepreneurs who want to scale up on their own terms, achieve their dream lifestyle, and make a positive impact.

A question I’ve been asked throughout my marketing career is, “Why should I hire you?” Early on, I would recite my skills, certifications, and traits such as being organized, detail-oriented and resourceful.


Eventually, I learned the trick to answering this question successfully is not to talk about me…but, to explain how I could help them.

I show you how to earn MORE by doing LESS.

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